Technology Insights

Infundibular profoundly engages the tension between humanity and the technology we surround ourselves with. Featuring an interactive audio/visual system and a digitally fabricated dynamic set designed by Dr Stanislav Roudavski, Infundibular is a rich sensory experience that offers a glimpse of what our future urban environments might be like to live in.

“Working with the responsive audio system made everything feel so immediate and physical – like an extension of myself”, says choreographer Moriya Rosenberg.

“One of the themes that emerged as we created the work was the way that the technology enables dancers to directly control the sound and visuals, and yet they are also still controlled by it – there’s a kind of feedback loop”, adds Mark Pedersen, a member of the Rival Dealer Design team.

“Working with Stanislav’s air structures was also something really new,” says Rachel Heller-Wagner. “Moriya and I found the new ways of interacting because of the way the set works. We’re really looking forward the audience response.”